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Job Summary: This a position which is self supervised. It involves the successful play of the casino game of "21, " also known as "blackjack." It may involve travel to various casino locales in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Job Duties:
1. Playing blackjack in a casino, utilizing card counting and/or other advantage-play individual games in different casinos.
3. Developing an "act" designed to fool casino personnel into believing the player is not playing with an advantage.
4. Assessing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various blackjack games offered by casinos.
5. Computing appropriate betting patterns based upon specific games and the size of bankroll.
6. Keeping current on playing conditions through the use of personal observation, various periodicals and Internet sites.
7. Observing and assessing casino personnel, particularly dealers and floor persons.
8. Keeping records of play, observation of conditions, casino personnel and individual dealers.

Skills and knowledge required: Any person performing this work must have a complete knowledge of the basic strategy of the game of blackjack, including variations that can differ from game to game, depending upon the rules and number of decks of cards in use. He or she must be able to implement these strategy decisions in actual casino play without thought or hesitation. In addition, the person must possess a thorough knowledge of one or more counting systems, including the variations in basic strategy that are included in such a system. The ability to count down a deck of cards, using a reputable counting system, in less than 25 seconds is a must. The person must also be able to count cards at a glance as they are presented on a table layout. The ability to understand the basic math of card counting is a necessity. A professional blackjack player must be able to understand the concepts of standard deviation, variance and risk of ruin. He or she must have the ability to understand bet sizing concepts and to compute the proper betting spreads for a variety of games. An understanding of Kelly concepts of betting is a necessity. An ability to get along well with other players, dealers and floor personnel is desirable. Should be able to detect signals from casino personnel that one is in danger of being backed-off or barred from play and know the appropriate measures to take to avoid this. Shuffle tracking and/or hole-carding abilities are not a prerequisite for the position, but are desirable.

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How do you get a job as Blackjack dealer?

If you are an experienced or trained dealer, you put in an application and if the casino is hiring you will have to audition for the job.
If you want to learn how to deal, you will have to either go to dealing school or find a casino that trains dealers.
Please note that dealer schools can be expensive so be sure that this is a job you really want to do. Dealing cards can be a very demanding job. Casinos that are willing to train do not cost you anything but there is no guarantee that you will get a job, not everyone gets the hang of it. While dealing cards seems very simple to most …

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