Sky bet Blackjack

Play 3 Hand Blackjack for the chance to do something impossible in the physical casino, and play up to three hands of Blackjack at one table at the same time. 3 Hand Blackjack follows the same classic Blackjack rules that you know and love, with the aim of the game to beat the house with a higher scoring hand that doesn’t bust over 21.

3 Hand Blackjack is essentially like taking charge of three separate players. This means that you have the option for all the usual special plays - like splitting your hand and doubling down - on each of your hands when you play 3 hand Blackjack. 3 hand Blackjack also allows you to take out an Insurance side bet when the dealer has an ace as upcard.

Check out all the house rules with a simple click through to help before you begin to play 3 hand Blackjack, and then stake between £1 and £15, 000 as you aim to get three times lucky!

Example game play screens

How to Play

How to play

The aim of blackjack is to get a score as near to 21 as possible without going over, whilst still getting a higher score than the dealer.

Before you are dealt any cards, you must place a bet. Once made, you will be dealt two cards. The dealer is then dealt two cards, one face down and one face up. You win if your card total is closer to 21 than the dealer or if the dealer goes bust.

Step-by-step play guide:

Step 1. Select your chip for betting by clicking on a chip at the bottom of the screen; the chip will rise indicating it is selected for betting. On the table there are three betting circles to place your bets. Each circle is the betting area for a hand of Blackjack. Choose between one and three hands to play. When the mouse pointer is moved inside a circle it becomes highlighted in gold; click in a circle to place a chip at the value selected. If desired, each additional click will add one unit of the chip value selected to the bet. A currency value will be displayed alongside the chip/s. Chip values maybe mixed on a particular bet; click on a different chip to change the selected chip value. Use the Clear button to remove all chips from the table. If you want to play all three hands of Blackjack, you must place chips in all three circles. When happy with your bets, click: Deal.

Step 2. Two cards will be dealt to each hand you are playing. The first of the dealer's cards is placed face down (the 'hole' card), the second is placed face up (the 'upcard'), showing its value. If the dealer's upcard is an ace, you have the option of taking Insurance (see later). Both cards in each of the hands you are playing are placed face up. In the example, all three hands are played. Each hand is played one at a time from the right. The hand being played is indicated by a green cursor; the game buttons relate to that hand only.

Step 3. The value of your hand will appear alongside your cards. At this stage, if you have two cards of identical value you will be given the option to split them (see later).

Step 4. Should you have a two-card hand totalling 21 (Blackjack), the dealer will show their hand after the other hands are played. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you win 3:2 on your stake. If the dealer does have Blackjack, your original stake is returned to you and the game ends (a 'push'):

Step 5. If you do not have 21, you can either take more cards ('hit') or remain at your current total (a 'stand' ). You may then continue to take more cards, one by one, by clicking the HIT button, until you have either gone over 21 ('bust') or you are satisfied with your card total and call a STAND. For example, you may choose to stand at 19 or 20. You may also be offered options to DOUBLE or SPLIT your hand - these are covered in more detail later.

-Each of your hands is played in turn from the right until all of your hands are finalised-

Step 6. The dealer will then turn over the hole card. Whether the dealer can now draw any more cards depends on the total of their hand. If the dealer has fewer than 17, they must draw another card. If the dealer's hand equals 17 or over, they may not draw any more cards. This also applies if the dealer has a soft 17 (an ace card and a six).

Step 7. If the dealer's total is less than 17, they continue to draw cards until reaching a value equal to or greater than 17.

Winning or losing the game


Once you have split your identical value cards into two hands and received a second card for each, you have the option to double down on those two hands. Each hand is played out separately and you can choose to double down on one, or both hands.

Doubling down after splitting (on two hands) is the same principle as doubling down on a single hand and returns the same odds - double your stake - for each hand you win.

Two aces

Unlike some other variants of Blackjack, if your first two cards are aces, you do not win the hand. Instead, it forms a total hand of either 12 or 2, but since aces are strong cards, you do have the option to split them.


This is displayed alongside an ace card when your hand is low enough for the ace card to be assigned its higher value of 11 without going bust. For instance, where an ace is the first or second card to be drawn. You can always draw at least one card to a soft hand without busting.

Other rules

No Surrender

Orbis European Blackjack does not allow a player to surrender their hand. Surrender means giving up half your bet for the privilege of not playing out a hand, if for instance, you have a weak hand.


Number of decks used is 5

Decks are shuffled on each new game.

Each deck consists of a standard 52-card deck (no Jokers).


Click NEW GAME then the REBET button to stake the same amount as your previous bet. Click REBET X2 or REBET X3 to double or treble your previous stake, or choose a new stake using the chips at the bottom of the table.

Special plays

Special plays will appear as buttons during the course of the game, when you have the option to play them. Three special plays are featured in Orbis Blackjack:


If the dealer's second card or upcard is an ace, you are given the option to accept Insurance before the dealer views the hole card (the dealer's first card, dealt face down). If you accept Insurance, the dealer will check ('peek') at their hole card for Blackjack.

Insurance is effectively a side-bet of half the amount of your original stake, paid at 2:1. This means that if the dealer has a natural 21 or Blackjack, you lose your original bet, but win back half its value - the insurance bet - thereby limiting your loss.

Note: No Insurance will be offered if you have Blackjack


If your first two cards are of identical value, you may split them and place an additional bet (equal to your original bet) to play two hands instead of one. Each of the cards then becomes the start of a new hand. Splitting is only allowed once, at the start of the game. No further splitting (resplitting) can be carried out. Note: Ten, Jack, Queen and King have identical value; any combination of these cards may be split (in addition to pairs).

If either of your hands beats the dealer, paid evens on your original stake. If you split a hand, Blackjack (3:2) cannot be called on that hand - a winning hand in this situation will be paid at evens.

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What is the betting rules on blackjack?

Before receiving any cards players must place a wager. Then the players are dealt two cards face up. The dealer gets one...

How does betting in blackjack work?

The rules of blackjack are quite simple, which is a major reason for the game's enduring popularity. The object is to get a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. A hand that goes over 21 is a bust.

How to bet the blackjack dealer? | Yahoo Answers

The dealer is only the dealer. He/she is not allowed to make or take any personal bets for or against the players.

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