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A new video just released by finally shows the entire upcoming 21 Blackjack watch - and it is in full action. So I should probably take this opportunity to debut the watch to you. You are gonna love this one. This latest wild wonder watch by master watch maker Christophe Claret is imbued with three different casino games, and you can play blackjack with it, as the watch as the dealer. It also lets you play roulette and dice.

I with more information on just how excited you should be (and why you can't likely afford it). Now for the full scoop. Once I get my hands on it I will get your minds dirty with Christophe Claret watch porn. The 21 Blackjack is the third watch to bear the Christophe Claret name - as his past involved being the "inside guy, " making movement for other brands. First was the Dual Tow from 2010, then the Adagio from 2011, and now the 21 Blackjack also for 2011. The spectacular "gamer's" watch will be part of a limited edition of 21 per version set, and have a six figure price (that specifically is below).

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack Watch Revealed Watch ReleasesWhen Claret does something, he does it his way. You can also hear Casino voice favorite Frank Sinatra singing in the background as you watch this timepiece operate and image Claret at the watch makers desk. This watch is a toy, a game for big boys, and a masterpiece among Claret's micro mechanical and manufacturing achievements. How cool are those hands edged in synthetic ruby?

First the case and housing. The watch is 45mm wide and available in a few material combinations. All models have titanium that is mixed with either more titanium, 18k white or pink gold, or platinum. I believe there are five total combinations, which means that Claret will build a maximum of 105 of these timepieces (to be made over the years). By the way, on the PVD black titanium and 18k rose gold mode, the hands on the dial are not ruby edged, but black ceramic edged (with gold in the center). The case is fascinating, but not Claret's most unique. It is however a very proper design to go with the theme. There are four sapphire crystals on the case. One over the dial, another over the caseback, and two on the side for the dice and the hammer and gongs window. 30 meters of water resistance too!

The most basic of the three casino games is dice. The lower right side window has two 1.5mm wide die that have been perfectly miniaturized. Just shake the watch and see whether they land. Perfect for craps or some seedy back alley dice toss game (just don't bet your watch). For me, I am gonna use em to roll a saving throw for my 10th level Fighter Mage. I am interested to know exactly how these tiny dice were made.

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where can i watch black jack the movie online? | Yahoo Answers

i think you need some schooling please watch all 18 videos for the sake of anime and manga fandom its hosted by Greg ayres

Where can one play Black Jack online?

Actually there are several different options in order to play Black Jack online. Some examples for online casinos also offering Black Jack include "BlackJackBallroom" or "GamesBasis".

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