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Secret Life of a Casino DealerThey're the anonymous operators who make or break gamblers on the spin of a wheel and a turn of the cards.

Good ones are seen but not heard, handling a million things at once and dealing with disgruntled punters with expertise while counting out chips in a milli-second.

While not for everyone, the life of a casino dealer is one packed with late nights, poor basic pay and drunk punters.

Right? Well, sure, there's the downside. But then there's the flexible working hours, the travel opportunities, and the tips.

From land-based casinos and cruise ships to online Live Casino Dealer studios where croupiers deal out real hands or spin real roulette wheels that can be bet on via online casino sites; there are arguably more opportunities to become a dealer than ever before.

Let's take a closer look at how feasible it is to make it as a professional croupier.

How Much Does a Casino Dealer Make?

Let's take two scenarios: the UK and America.

Entry-level croupiers in London usually start on around £17, 000 pa, a salary that can rise to £20, 000 within two years. Tips, which are now legal in UK casinos, add on welcomed extra income, and it's not uncommon for good dealers to earn an extra £4-500 a month in tips. In London, dealers can earn an extra 30 percent in the form of tips.

How Much Do Dealers Make?Outside London, in the provincial casinos salaries start around £12-15, 000 pa depending on experience. Again, tips are extra but won't come near those of their London colleagues.

It is possible for a London croupier to become an Inspector within five years if they show aptitude, in which case salaries can reach around £28, 000 plus tips. Outside London this will be about 30% less, but then living costs are also less.

What are the Good and Bad Things About Being a Dealer


  • Good salary and tips
  • Potential for promotion through the casino ranks
  • Free food and uniforms
  • Four weeks paid holiday per year
  • Opportunity to travel and see the world


  • Disturbance in sleep patterns
  • Starting salaries can be low unless you progress rapidly
  • Dealing same games can become monotonous
  • Odd hours may make it hard to maintain relationships outside the casino environment.

Qualifications to Become a DealerWhat Qualifications Do You Need?

According to Anne Loughlin, who has worked as a dealer around the world, from England to Jamaica and Cannes to the Cayman Islands, there are no actual qualifications required to become a dealer.

"Candidates just need basic numeracy skills while a good attitude is essential, " she says. "They also need to have an ability to work well within a team, and of course previous experience of customer service is very useful.

"[In the UK] There is an NVQ in Gaming available but this is by no means necessary; most people in the industry have not gone down this route, as learning is primarily done ‘on the job’."

What Do Casinos Look For in a Prospective Dealer?

A great attitude and friendly personality is essential, as is an ability to work well within a team and think on one's feet. Good grooming, hygiene and an attractive appearance are also highly valued as the job is customer-facing.

Basic numeracy is required but contrary to popular opinion it is not at all necessary to be a maths genius, as the skills required to add up and pay out bets are taught by formula, for example a trainee croupier would learn ‘picture bets’, recognising what a bet pays out by the pattern it makes on the table. However hard work is required as each trainee must learn their 8, 17 and 35 times tables!

Best Country To Live InCommunication skills are valued. Croupiers are like entertainers - you need to keep gamblers involved and engaged while also handling all the action effortlessly. Because many players will end up a loser, it's important for the croupier to make the experience fun for the punter.

Diplomacy skills are essential too. Bad losers will blame "poor" dealers for a losing bet and it can be easy to be thrown off concentration. Experienced gamblers will look out for weak dealers who can be easily confused and lose focus. Therefore, a calm approach to resolutions is important, just as it is when dealing with what may be a genuine mistake.

Finally, trustworthiness is a value well-regarded by casino employers. Records must be squeaky clean, with no prior criminal convictions. Financial backgrounds may also be checked.

Casino Dealers: Did You Know?

  • Until 2007, UK dealers weren't allowed to accept tips, but waitresses were.
  • Dealers were also banned from visiting other casinos. With new laws in place, that ban has now been lifted.
  • The majority of croupiers end up in relationships with other casino workers due to the unusual work patterns.
  • Croupiers usually only need to learn one game to get a first job on the ladder. From there they can learn on the job as they go.
  • Croupiers on cruise ships can earn higher salaries as their income is often tax-free. Tips may also be higher.

Casino Dealer SchoolsWhat's the Best Country to be a Dealer In?

It depends on the individual and desired lifestyle. High wages and tips are achievable in London, as they are in Las Vegas, however a green card is needed to work there.

Casinos exist in exotic locations worldwide now, both land-based and on-board cruise ships, but salary packages vary wildly.

Dealers can also work for private parties or specialist companies who hire out dealers to weddings and corporate functions in the city.

Are Casino Dealer Schools A Good Alternative
to Learning On the Job?

“I don’t think many schools are a ‘scam’ but
undoubtedly some are better than others.”

Prices can vary, but a typical 80-hour training course for potential roulette or blackjack dealers can come in around $300-400.

It's good to check carefully the training school's experience credentials, and also the ratio of students to trainers used. If you have more than seven students to one teacher, the teaching situation isn't optimal.

Some casinos run in-house training schools which are usually of a very high standard, although they may be hard to get accepted onto.

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Why your online Casino Dealer Course?

We've trained and placed literally hundreds of Casino Dealers in some of the biggest and most famous casinos in the world via our brick and mortar schools, and we're just as commited to creating professional, highly skilled Poker and Blackjack Dealers through our online training program.

I wanted to work as an Online Casino Dealer since the wage is really high,I wonder if it's against Bible? | Yahoo Answers

Why worry so much about whether something is "against the Bible"? Rather, ask yourself, "IS IT RIGHT or WRONG to work here???"
Seriously - God gave you a brain. Use it. This world is in turmoil because of decisions people make based on their religious beliefs. If more people asked, "Is this right or wrong?", instead of, "Is this a sin?", or "Is this against the Koran?", or "Is this against the Bible?", then this world would be a better place.
Talk with your priest. If he has half a brain, he'd encourage you to get a job in any honest manner.…

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