Casino Dealer School Las Vegas

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Earn big money working in the world’s most prestigious gaming establishments.

Occupational Information

With our “hands on” teaching methods, Crescent School graduates learn a complete understanding of the gaming business. In addition, they will be thoroughly conversant with the rules, techniques, systems, procedures, equipment, and theory in their choice of one (or all) of the following casino games: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Mini-Baccarat/Carnival Games, and Craps. The student’s skills and abilities will be developed to a point that qualifies them for an entry level position in the exciting casino industry.

Classes start every Monday. Upon completion of your chosen course, you become a lifelong member of our Crescent School family. Come back any time free of charge to practice in our facilities, to utilize our placement services, or attend a refresher course.

"On the job" training in our simulated casino will help you to increase your speed, and with your coordination and confidence on the floor.

As one of the few accredited gaming schools in the country, Crescent School’s reputation within the industry is securely established. When you graduate and become a casino dealer you join an exciting, growing industry which offers the opportunity for rapid advancement and excellent benefits.


  • 350-hour Two Game Dealing Program
  • 750-hour Comprehensive Dealing Program

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How much do dealers make per year in casino's in Las Vegas?

A blackjack dealer makes about $14,134 a year on average. again!

What is the average income of a casino card dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fact is, most earn in the $30-40k area, and even these jobs are not easy to get. Yes, is available 24/7.

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