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Sky Poker would like to inform its customers about future changes that are coming to Sky Poker TV.

Following recent news that Sky Betting and Gaming is to become an independent company, we have since been reviewing Sky Poker TV, channel 861. Although we will still be part owned by Sky, and will still work closely with them, effectively we will be a separate company, thus affecting how channel 861 can be run both commercially and legally.

So what's changing & when?

1. We will be keeping Sky Poker TV, but going forward it will operate under a new model.

2. In the very near future, the 24/7 channel (861 on Sky) will cease to operate, both on TV and via the live streams both on the website and in the mobile app. This will happen sooner than anticipated, possibly even this week, but unfortunately due to legal reasons this can't be avoided. The last live show will be Thursday 19th March 2015.

3. A live show will still take place, every Tuesday on Sky Sports with a new format, and we have some exciting plans for this going forward.

4. We will be focusing on producing pre-recorded TV content so you can expect to see much more great shows coming your way such as more cash games, UKPC coverage, interviews, features & strategy videos.

5. This new content will likely be shown on Sky Sports, Challenge TV,, Youtube & other social media sites.

6. We are also working on some fresh ideas that we will share at a later date.

It is obviously a period of change for the channel, but Sky Poker TV will be continuing, and we have some exciting plans for its future, which the Sky Poker community will still be a big part of.

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Where is sky poker located in.

Spy Poker is located in the United Kingdom. There are also sites that offer free online poker games, if you do not live near the United Kingdom area.

Where is a good place to play sky poker?

Sky Poker is simply internet gaming and there are many different companies that offer this product. Shop about to find the best one as not all are the same and often differ in rules and bonuses.

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