Define Croupier


The result was that the croupier paid me out three times my total stake

The croupiers who sat at the two ends of it had not only to watch the stakes, but also to calculate the game-an immense amount of work for two men

Consequently, when the ball ceased to roll and a sepulchral voice croaked the news that eight was the winning number, he fixed on the croupier a gaze that began by being joyful and expectant and ended, the croupier remaining entirely unresponsive, by being wrathful.

The croupier was a man with a pointed moustache and an air of having seen all the sorrow and wickedness that there had ever been in the world.

He leaned forward quickly across the croupier, snatched the lid off the gold tray, and removed two louis.

The croupier wouldn't give them up, you know, so I had to grab them and run.

As the croupier called out the colour and number, she pricked on the card with great care and regularity, and only ventured her money on the colours after the red or black had come up a certain number of times.

Kirsch, and having only peeped into a play-room at Baden-Baden when he hung on Dobbin's arm, and where, of course, he was not permitted to gamble, came eagerly to this part of the entertainment and hankered round the tables where the croupiers and the punters were at work.

A FORMER Tyneside student who once earned extra money for his Newcastle University studies as a croupier has now been unveiled as the international managing director for online bingo giant Tombola.For the first time, Croupier Casino Academy in Manchester opens its doors, allowing prospective croupiers to come and visit, have a look at the training, talk to the trainers, ask questions to the trainees, and register for the course.Birmingham Magistrates' Court heard that unemployed casino cheat Adam Williams was an opportunist who placed his bet after the table had closed and when the croupier wrongly turned his back.THE latest recruits of a croupier training course have now secured graduate roles at the North East's largest casino.

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