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The Roulette Debate Heats Up

Note: Arnold Snyder's response to this article has been published at BJFO in February 2013. See "How to Win at Roulette, Part 2: Dealer Steering and Tell Play." A link can be found at the left.

Can roulette dealers steer or "aim" the ball with enough precision to help or cheat players? Laurance Scott, author of How to Beat Roulette, says they can (see "Nevada Roulette, " by L. Scott, BJF XI #3). Renowned expert on cheating at gambling, Darwin Ortiz, author of Gambling Scams, says Scott is all wet (see "Letter on Roulette Dealer Section Shooting, " BJF XI #4).

We've gotten an avalanche of mail on both sides of this subject since Scott's article and Ortiz's letter. Here's a sampling of the pro-Scott, anti-Ortiz opinions:

Letter from a Former Nevada Roulette Dealer

I just wanted to comment on your letter from Ortiz. I agree 100% with all he has to say about the position of casinos and their management in regard to cheating. I really have no stake in whether he and Steve Forte believe a dealer can place a ball in a section, but I would ask these questions:

How long do you suppose it would take to learn to spin a roulette ball so that it made exactly four revolutions before dropping?

If the wheel head were spinning very slowly and you picked a number (say zero) and a fixed point (say the 12 o'clock position) and spun the ball so it made four revolutions and dropped, do you think if you picked up the ball and waited for the zero to be at 12 o'clock again and spun it four revolutions again that it might end up close to where it landed before?

Do you think you could maybe land it in half the wheel head?

If a...

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How to croupier a Roulette Table

Players exchange fun money for wheel check chips (blank). Each player gets a unique colour. If there are no more colours available they will have to wait until one becomes free to use unless you have and they want to use cash chips.

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