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5Dimes live roulette (ViG)General comments

For the following reasons, these guys are our pick for US players:

  • They offer traditional 7 seat blackjack rather than a ‘one to many’ deal.
  • Their support is very responsive.
  • They offer 2 live games platforms to choose from
    - Vegas Live Dealer, powered by Visionary iGaming
    - Rebate Live Dealer, powered by Global Gaming Labs
  • They offer a permanent wager volume rebate for all bets placed inside Rebate Live Dealer

Live Roulette

In ViG powered Vegas Live Dealer there are 2 roulette choices

The latter has a double zero table & wheel but payouts are enhanced (versus standard roulette bet payouts) to compensate for the extra zero.

Live Blackjack

2 blackjack options in the Vegas Live Dealer:

  1. 7 seat live blackjack table:
    - Blackjack pays 3:2
    - Dealer stands hard 17 & draws soft 17
    - Split permitted; can split Aces but draw only 1 card on each split hand; can double after split
    - Pairs and Rummy side-bets offered
    - house rules
  2. Blackjack Early Payout (pictured above)
    Blackjack variation with an early payout option. This is a ‘one to many’ deal.
    - house rules

5Dimes live blackjack early payoutLive Baccarat

Simple Punto Banco live baccarat with standard bets and payouts:

Player (1:1), Banker (0.95:1), Tie (8:1) bets

Table limits: to , 000

Wager rebates

This isn’t a limited time offer. Inside their recently added Rebate Live Dealer Casino all wagers placed automatically qualify for a wager volume rebate.

The rebate is credited to your account as soon as your play session ends.

Rebate rates vary by game/bet type as follows:

BetOnline Live Casino:

General comments

These guys have been a US facing online sportsbook for some time, and recently added live dealers powered by Global Gaming Labs. It’s a pretty slick live games platform that rivals some of the bigger names in the industry for playability (UI intuitiveness, video quality etc). Other reasons we suggest you give BetOnline a go:

  • They offer single zero live roulette
  • They offer classic 7 seat blackjack (rather than a ‘one to many’ deal)
  • Deposit/withdraw options are comprehensive and we have found their support to be very responsive.

European roulette (single zero).

House edge on a single zero table is around 2.7%, compared to around 5.3% for American roulette (0 & 00)

5Dimes live baccaratMuch more bang for your buck here…but it’s still a house game.

Table limits: to 0

Classic 7 seat blackjack, dealt live from an 8 deck shoe.

Blackjack pays: 3 to 2
Dealer: Stands hard & soft 17
Player can:
- Split pairs (Aces draw only 1 card)
- Double Down
- Double Down after Split
- Take insurance
- Surrender and forfeit 50% of bet

Live Baccarat

Baccarat or ‘Punto Banco’ tables.

Baccarat bets & payouts:
Player (1:1), Banker (0.95:1), Tie (8:1), Player pair or Banker pair (11:1), either pair (5:1)

‘Punto Banco’ bets and payouts:
Player (1:1), Banker win with 6 (0.5:1), all other Banker wins (1:1), Tie (8:1).

Live Poker

Live Casino Hold’em

This is a player versus the house game. An Ante bet gets you two hole cards and a look at the Flop. A Call bet sees the Turn, River and whether you have beaten the dealer Live Casino:

  • Reasonable game and table range, streamed from GGL’s new look studio
  • Long list of deposit/withdraw options
  • Classic 7 seat blackjack, dealt from an 8 deck shoe, or
  • ‘Unlimited blackjack’ table which is a one-to-many deal

GGL’s new live baccarat table has a distinct Asian flavour

Standard bets and side bets offerd
Player (1:1), Banker (0.95:1), Tie (8:1), Player pair or Banker pair (11:1), either pair (5:1)

Grand Parker Live Casino:

Approach with EXTREME caution (better yet…don’t approach at all).

Unfortunately we have received some negative feedback on Grand Parker, all related to their processing of withdrawals.

To date we have received three complaints from three different customers all frustrated at payouts taking either too long or still being negotiated. Approach with caution.

live dealer game rebates BetOnline live roulette (GGL) BetOnline live dealer blackjack BetOnline live baccarat

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When are live dealers coming to Harras Cherokee casino?

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians will begin to offer live poker and other live table games at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in Jackson County, NC starting on July 4, 2012.

where i can fund good LIVE dealer casino ? | Yahoo Answers

"Where I can fund good Live dealer casino"...WTF does this mean.

Why do casinos have to be on water to have live dealers

That is false information. Casinos do not need to be on water to have live dealers. For example, we have one in Mid-Michigan!

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