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Graduates of the UNLV go into IT services, the travel and hospitality services industry, and the hotel industry, not to mention a variety of other lines of work. The health care industry registers as the most common industry among alumni. The average starting salary for a graduate of the UNLV is $56K.


It's worth noting that female graduates earn a median salary of $52K whereas the men's median is about $65K.


UNLV grads who become Database Administrators garner financial rewards beyond any other job type for this group — these alumni rake in an average around $97K annually. However, Marketing Managers and Software Engineers also rank as top-earners (bringing in $69K and approximately $60K, respectively). Salaries are anything but generous for Restaurant Managers, whose earnings rank lowest on the pay scale at $44K.


UNLV alumni seem to appreciate living in Las Vegas, and the greater part of grads actually choose to stay and find employment here after completing their coursework. UNLV grads also flock to Houston, Texas, which is home to salaries significantly above average (median pay is around $93K). On the other end, UNLV grads flock to Los Angeles, Calif., which actually offers the weakest median salary of $56K. San Diego, Calif. is also a common pick among UNLV grads, along with Seattle, Wash.

Degree Major

A Bachelor of Science in Accounting earns UNLV students the most money after college (an average $133K per year). The degree that warrants the lowest level of financial compensation is a B.A. in Criminal Justice (approximately $37K on average annually).


Close to one-eighth of UNLV grads wind up using Microsoft Office at their job, which is one of the most common skills among alumni. Project Management commands a pay premium of 40 percent for former Rebels. Competency in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, and Project Management also warrants excellent remuneration.

Benefits and Perks

Though vacation and sick days are paid for some, these benefits are reported by the minority of graduates (one in three grads and one in five survey participants, respectively). Health coverage is awarded to a large number of graduates, and dental insurance is issued to a fair number of grads as well. Most alumni allocate some part of their earnings to a company-sponsored 401(k) savings plan. University of Nevada grads are also lucky enough to receive a casual working environment, a company-subsidized cell phone, tuition reimbursement, and life insurance.

Related Schools

Alumni of Northern Arizona University pick up average paychecks of about $55K, which is closest to the amount made by UNLV grads among similar schools. San Diego State University, the University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Texas at El Paso are also similar to UNLV.

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