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With the faster and more stable internet connections of today, the last few years the Live Casino online casino experience has become more popular than ever. Gaming in a Live Casino, in which the player can watch and follow the activities in a casino studio or real life casino by means of a webcam and can place bets on the games played over there, provide a player with the feeling he’s really playing blackjack or roulette in a “brick-and-mortar” casino. It will give more tranquility, trust and more “real” casino gaming feeling than playing a blackjack or roulette game of which the results are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Netent Live Casinos

In 2012 Net Entertainment Productions announced it would develop their own Live Casino software and in February of 2013 the Netent Live Casino was officially launched. At this moment of writing the Netent Live Casino is already available in several of the Netent Casinos and it’s expected many more online casinos that already offer the Netent casino games gradually will follow and adopt the application too. More and more online casinos are offering the Netent Live Casino module. Keep updated with our latest Netent Live Casino news for new live casinos using Net Entertainment or look in the list on your right hand side.

What’s a live casino?

A Live Casino is the section in an online casino in which you can play Roulette, Blackjack and/or Punto Banco against real life dealers and croupiers. Just like in a normal, “brick-and-mortar” casino, in which you play against the casino (represented by a croupier or dealer), also in a Live Casino you play against real existing casino employees via a webcam connection.

The images of the croupier/dealer and of the casino game table are visible by a real time video streaming connection so from behind your computer and from your own home you can exactly see in which (number) compartment of the roulette wheel the roulette ball ends up. On the website of the Netent Casino you can wager with real money on the roulette numbers and number combinations and the winnings are immediately added to your casino account, just like you would receive the won chips after a roulette spinning round in a normal casino.

It’s not clear if Live Casino will ever be playable in a “free play fun version” like almost all other Netent powered casino games can be played. However, as soon as a Netent Live Casino version in free play mode comes available the application immediately will be added to our overview of Netent casino games. Also when playing Blackjack in a Live Casino, in which you also have contact with the dealer by the live video streaming connection and live chat, you can play exactly like being in a real casino and with exactly the same gaming features like holding, splitting, doubling or draw a new card. Live Casino is extremely popular and comes with various big advantages when compared to the normal Roulette and Blackjack games in an online casino.

Advantages of live casino gaming

The advantages of playing in a Live Casino with respect to playing table games like Blackjack, Punto Banco or Roulette with a RNG device behind it are numerous.

The most important advantageous element of Live Casino gaming however is the overall game play that simply approaches the most the normal, real life casino gaming experience. As you can communicate and interact with the dealer or croupier (and, optional, your fellow players by live chat) its just like really being there and not in your own cosy home.

Also this way of casino gaming will give you a sense of “fair play” as you can follow all proceedings “with your own eyes” while when playing on a RNG backed online casino table game it’s more like you’re playing on a (video) slot.

Another great advantage is knowing that there will always be a seat waiting for you. Unlike in a land based casino where you may have to wait for another customer completing their lucky streak, Netent live casino guarantee that a seat will be available for you.

Last but not least all other advantages of online casino gaming apply on Live Casino gaming too, like the privacy you can keep while playing, he 24/7 opening hours and such benefits as it doesn’t matter if you have a bad hair day; your only virtually there and neither the dealer/croupier nor your fellow players can see you.

Disadvantages of live casino gaming

There aren’t many disadvantages we can think of when comparing Live Casino gaming to gaming on the same RNG based table games you can play in the Netent Casinos. The only disadvantage is the speed of the game which in an online Flash casino is faster paced as in a Live Casino. Furthermore, in a Flash casino (as you can set your own pace the rounds are played with) you’ve also the time to determine your strategy and reflect on your game play.

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