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Live online roulette differs from traditional forms of roulette on the web in one significant way; instead of an automated computer generating results, a live stream plugs the player straight into a live casino where a genuine dealer operates the wheel – just as you would find in any bricks and mortar casino up and down the country.

Online casinos have formed partnerships in recent years with live roulette rooms around the world; the live establishments are in charge of providing croupiers with the charisma and expertise to keep users interested, while the online companies look after payment, the streaming process and act as a direct contact to customers. All these processes have been improved in recent years to produce a genuinely seamless user experience, where the online player is closer to an authentic live casino feel than ever before.

Recommended Live Roulette Sites

To work out which casino to visit, the following are the three main types of live roulette that you will find offered by casinos and bookmakers alike.

European Roulette

European roulette is a single zero version of the game and probably the one you’re most familiar with. The single zero means that the game has a lower house edge so you are more likely to get a better return on your bet. partycasino, Paddy Power and most other live casinos all offer this, the most popular version of the game.

American Roulette

American Roulette is almost as popular as its European counterpart, and shares most of the same rules. The game differs in one important way, though, which is that an American Roulette board contains an extra space – the double zero, which gives the house a slightly higher edge than in other formats. Ladbrokes offers this option.

French Roulette

French and European live roulette share a similar 37-compartment wheel, though all the numbers on the board are coloured red in the Gallic form. This is simply a matter of aesthetics, as half the numbers are still considered black. There is also the added intrigue of the “La Partage” rule, whereby a player loses only half their money if the ball lands on an unmarked zero. bet365 and 888 both offer this variant.

As you can see, live online roulette services are provided by most major online casinos and bookmakers. If you are after an authentic live casino feel online, you won’t get much closer to the action than with live roulette.

It’s even more fun in person, though, in amongst the crowds, so if you feel like playing the game in a land casino, here’s an additional beginner’s guide to roulette to get you on your way.

When to Place your Bets

Between each spin, after the table is cleared of winnings and losses, you’ll be given about a minute to put your bets on the table. You can keep betting until the dealer announces that betting is closed, saying “No more bets” and waving a hand over the table. This should be after the wheel has been spun and the ball has been tossed into it. You can wait until the ball is in motion before betting, but never add any more bets, or touch any chips on the table, after the dealer has announced that betting is over.

Where to Put your Bets

Most roulette betting options are clearly labelled – you can choose individual numbers, groups of numbers (1st 12, for example), black or red, different columns, odds or evens, etc.

A large selection of split bet options are also available depending on where you place your chips on the lines on the table. For straight bets (a single number), or the choices listed above, your chips go in the centre of the boxes. Placing your bet on the lines gives many more options:

  • On a line between two numbers - splits your bet over two numbers.
  • On a line at either end of a row - bets on all numbers in the row.
  • On the intersection between numbers - bets on all the numbers touched
  • On the intersection between two rows - bets on all numbers in the two rows

Around the Table

You can place your own bets when you can reach them, but don’t throw your chips. Ask other players or the dealer to place chips on spaces that you can’t get to - someone will always be in reach. Try not to lean on the table, especially if you are close to the wheel – being too close to the action may raise suspicions and could block the view of other players. If you think there has been a mistake, let the dealer know and they will look into it. And, as always, remember to tip your dealer if they’ve done a good job.

After the Betting

When the ball finally stops, the dealer will announce the winning number and will place a marker by that number on the table for all to see. They will then deal out all winnings and collect losses – do not touch the chips on the board yourself.

That’s all there is to it! If you'd like to get used to the game and its betting options before heading to a land casino, a number of online operators offer roulette games in their selections, with Live Dealer options helping you to make the step between online games and real life gambling venues.

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