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Online Live DealerOnline Live Dealer Roulette is a simple betting game of numbers. Now, while playing casino Live Dealer Roulette, the thinking is that, one should just choose the favorite numbers and hope that the wheel stops after it spins at that number. One can follow a few tips that can help make wins over the long run rather than just play it blindly.

Here we discuss some of the tips that help in making substantial wins while playing Roulette:

1. Before You Place a Bet, Understand the Odds

Odd is a general term used while mentioning the rate of winning chances. In Live Dealer Roulette Casino game when we talk about winning odds, it is about the chances of winning on specific numbers or a range of numbers.

To explain it further, one can look to make a lot of money by betting on a single number or win a tiny amount by betting on multiple numbers. The chances of winning when you place a bet on a single number is quite less, when compared to a bet on lots of numbers. But of course, when you chose to bet on multiple numbers, your chip or betting amount is also divided across those. In such a case, when you win the bet amount it is also divided.

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2. Try a Betting Strategy

There are no specific betting strategies, that will always give you wins. There is a whole range of Live Dealer Roulette betting strategies, that the regular players follow and can put to test, to help them improve their bankroll. For instance, some players improved their winning probability by doubling the bet amount every time they lost, and lowering it when they won. And for some players, the exact opposite has worked in their favor.

Casino Roulette Strategy3. Monitor a Casino Live Dealer Roulette Wheel

It is not an easy task to monitor the roulette wheel in a Live Roulette Casino game. And this cannot be done online as well. But if one carefully observes the wheel by spending a substantial amount of time, a few patterns can be noticed. Like for instance, even bets are being hit more times than the odd bets. Or certain numbers, are hitting quite often than the others.

If a player can be successful in observing a pattern it will make the tasks of choosing the numbers to bet on much easier.

4. Understand The Roulette Variations

A classic Live Dealer Roulette game has 38 numbers on the wheel. The 1 to 36 numbers, a 0 and 00 making these 38 numbers on a whole.

But there are quite a few roulette variations, the most popular and common of them being European Roulette. The European live dealer Roulette has only 37 numbers. It does not have the double zero that a Classic Roulette version has. Hence it is essential to know the basic features of the Live Dealer Roulette Casino version that you choose to play.

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