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How to Play Live Roulette

Although online gaming sites do what they can to emulate the "real" casino experience, nothing – absolutely nothing – can bring Vegas to you like the William Hill Live roulette. Offering the main casino games, this live casino – with real (human!) dealers – is unparalleled in terms of in-the-moment action and excitement.

Every Roulette Spin is a Live-Action Thrill

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to combine the ease of live roulette with the exhilaration of real one, you need look no further. William Hill's live online roulette means you turn on your computer and the games are streamed in super high-quality, and you get to play roulette in real time.

If you want to know how to play Live Roulette, it’s easy – and in case you need extra help, we’re here. Once you determine the amount you want to wager, you need to choose the type of bet. You can pick a Straight Up Bet where you wager on one number, a Split Bet, where you put your chips on two numbers, or lots of other betting options including Red/Black, a Dozen Bet or a Corner Bet. Wagers can be placed until the Dealer declares “No more bets” or a timer beeps, indicating the actual game is about to begin. Then the big fun starts when the ball is dropped and the winners are revealed.

When you play live roulette at William Hill, you'll get:

  • A new-player bonus of £25 CASH – the site's generous red carpet welcome;
  • A chance to join the William Hill VIP room;
  • William Hill's great customer support with their vast experience, banking options, which help you know that you've arrived at a safe and reliable gaming haven.

Play Live Roulette Like High-Class English Do!

When you play frequently in William Hill's live roulette you'll have the chance to join our exclusive VIP club. Through this feature you'll be privy to:

  • A personal VIP manager, who can give you the one-on-one attention you deserve
  • Access to William Hill's posh, private roulette salon – the "Salle Privee"

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live roulette - play casino online on line casinos
live roulette - play casino online on line casinos
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Play Live Roulette at Wicked Jackpots | Win Real Money Online!

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