Being a Casino Dealer

Think you have what it takes

While the goal of most every casino gambler is the same, there's more to the experience than simply walking away from the table with more chips in your hand than when you arrived.

There's the entertainment value of your trip to a casino. Yes, you want to win, but doesn't it make the experience that much more satisfying if you have a good time in the process? And in that rare occasion that you end up having a losing night at the tables, don't you walk away feeling much better about the evening if the table you were at provided some good conversation and laughter?

The one person who can be a catalyst for an enjoyable casino experience is the dealer. The dealer is the straw that stirs the drink. There's much more to it than simply throwing the cards your way or spinning the roulette wheel.

With that in mind, we decided to ask a few veteran dealer instructors some of the key points they try to instill in their students. So, the next time you're at the casino and you find a dealer that has all 10 of the following attributes down pat, make yourself comfortable because you really have no reason to go anywhere for a while. You're in for a fun night out – win or lose.

10 . Knowledge of the rules
"Knowing and understanding the rules of the game you are dealing is obviously very important, " says Henry Brown, the executive director of Casinos Wild, a Michigan-based school for dealers. "Everything needs to be second nature. You don't want dealers who are unsure of themselves."

"If the dealer doesn't know the rules it can ruin the integrity of the game, " adds Rick Levin, the director of gaming at the Crescent School of Gaming in Mississippi. "It's all about basic fundamentals."

9. Keep the game moving
"This is crucial, " says John Foster, a director of instruction at the Professional Dealers School in New Jersey. "You've got to be crisp and keep the game controlled and you have to move the game along with no unnecessary stoppages in play. But at the same time you don't want to rush yourself or rush the players. You've got to find the right balance."

8. Mechanical skills
"We try to teach the dealer to riffle the cards tight and smooth, " Foster says. "You can't raise the cards too high or somebody at the table could see something that could give them an unfair advantage."

"Dealing the cards is an art form, " adds Levin. "You want to dealers to put their own kind of body language and personality into it. It's what makes each dealer unique, but it's also probably the most difficult thing to teach."

7. Be consistent
"If a dealer uses a certain style, the player will get used to that style, " says Levin. "Once the player gets used to that style, you can't change it up on them. Like I said before, every dealer has his or her own technique. Players like familiarity and by being consistent you help the player get comfortable."

6. Professionalism
"We always remind the dealers that their appearance is important and they want to practice good posture, " Foster says. "Another thing to remember is that the dealer should never point at a player – they should always use an open hand – and they should never stare at the player. It's just common courtesy."

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