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MarcusGlover29June2011.jpgLisa DeJong, The Plain DealerMarcus Glover, general manager of the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland, stands in front of the Higbee Building downtown on June 29. Glover announced today that the casino is hiring 500 dealers.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Forget about the bricks-and-mortar work that's being done to turn the Higbee Building into a Las Vegas-style casino.

Forget about the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent there on construction, gambling equipment and lavish furnishings.

Today, in what will mark a milestone in the development of Cleveland's Horseshoe Casino, officials with Dan Gilbert's gambling company and Caesars Entertainment Corp. are set to deliver on the promise that is perhaps most important to the residents of Northeast Ohio: Jobs.

They will officially post a "help wanted" sign today for 500 poker and table game dealers and supervisors. The dealer positions will pay between $35, 000 and $40, 000 annually with a full benefits package. Supervisors will earn $40, 000 or more. No casino experience is necessary.

"This is a big deal, " said Marcus Glover, general manager of the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. "We're about to hire one-third of our workforce in the next couple months or so. We're excited to bring this number of jobs to Cleveland."

Important info for jobseekers

Roughly nine out of every 10 people will come from Greater Cleveland, Glover said. It's the first installment on the 1, 600 people who will be hired by the time the casino opens in the Higbee Building next March.

In December, Glover expects to begin hiring to fill a variety of other jobs, from servers to security officers to valet parking attendants. A handful of upper management positions also are open for applications as of today. Details on these positions can be found at the casino website.

LeRoy Brooks, a professor of finance at John Carroll University, predicted the hiring would have a "multiplier effect" that will benefit Cleveland's economy far beyond the 1, 600 people who will work directly for the casino. He expects the hiring will spur job creation in nearby restaurants and more broadly in other businesses that provide products and support services to the casino.

"This is fantastic news, " Brooks said. "Before, it was just sort of hearsay and who knew. But this is the evidence that it wasn't just hoopla or overstatement. They're actually putting up the capital, the training costs."

Officials with Rock Ohio Caesars said they expect to receive thousands of applications for the dealer positions, but stressed that the process will be thorough and competitive.

"The advice I would give is attitude is everything, " Glover said. "We are a service business."

Glover said the casino is recruiting dealers and supervisors first because the positions require the most training. Applicants have to be willing to go through the process, which includes attending a 24-hour dealer training school in downtown Cleveland in December, on their own time. Those who are hired won't go on the payroll until a few weeks before the casino opens.

Ohio law prohibits people with felony criminal convictions from holding one of these jobs, said JoAnn Davidson, chair of the Ohio Casino Control Commission. Those hired as dealers will have to undergo background checks and be licensed by the commission.

"There's really no flexibility on this particular issue, " Davidson added. "It's a pretty strict requirement in every state."

To help people who may want to apply for a dealer position, the Horseshoe Casino has teamed up with Cuyahoga Community College, said Kaminski, a lawyer who comes to the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores in Hudson.

"We can train people on the technical skills for these jobs, " Kaminski added. "Attitude and that natural approach to customer service - those things come from within. And that's what our screening and interviewing process is really going to be looking for."

And a last word of advice: Be thorough and don't rush your application. Everyone will be given the same opportunity and attention, said Glover, regardless of when they submit their application.

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