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Nuevo espectacular baccarat

This $27 million, 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom residence is just one of 60 that sit atop the Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York in Midtown Manhattan. It's the 250-year-old French crystal-maker's first foray into real estate, and the pedigree shows: The Tony Ingrao-designed residences each have an opulent crystal chandelier, as well as Baccarat lighting fixtures and door handles. The apartments also come with access to the hotel's many amenities, including concierges, in-home chefs, baby-sitters, and membership to the hotel's pool, spa and fitness center. There's even a vintage Citroën and chauffeur on call to take you wherever you want to go. Tres chic!


The shocking moment police shoot manaical killer in Queens

This dramatic video shows the moment New York City police officers opened fire on James Patrick Dillon after he refused to drop a knife. Authorities say Dillon, 23, had gone on a murderous rampage, allegedly killing a man at a liquor store, slashing a woman and setting a homeless man on fire. He is listed in critical condition.


The best way to shoot down pesky drones!

Unmanned drones are starting to become a real nuisance. That's why a British engineering firm invented the SkyWall, a personal launcher that will keep drones from invading your airspace.


Why the OJ Simpson knife story is insane

During the demolition of OJ Simpson's old house, a knife was found buried on the property. Find out why this extremely important piece of evidence ended up in a cop's house instead of an evidence locker.


Cop's hero instinct kicks in to save kid from car

Officer Sergei Batalko from the Belarussian city of Vitebsk acted quickly and selflessly to protect a child from being hit by a car in this dramatic video. Luckily, Batalko only suffered a bruised leg, while the kid walked away completely unharmed.


Here's something Trump was spot-on about last night

Apparently, Donald Trump is sensitive about his small fingers, most likely because he's afraid about what they imply about his manhood. Here's the science behind whether the size of Trump's fingers shows any indication of the size of his other body parts (you all know what we're talking about). (h/t 1:23

Babies loose on the highway and other bizarre moments!

It's the end of the week, and it's time to watch some fails. There's babies on the loose, horny dogs, and of course, Jeb Bush.


Johnny Manziel's out-of-control life

While it's not rare for athletes to spend money and party, Johnny Manziel takes it to a whole new level. Unfortunately, he seems more concerned about having a good time than he is with maintaining his football career.


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